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Solar Eclipse 2017 Cardboard sign

21 Observations of Solar Eclipse 2017

Sometimes time and fate put you together with an event that you never imagined.   That is my story for the 2017 Great American Eclipse.  My employer Casper College happened to be centerline on the path of totality for the Solar Eclipse 2017.  My expectations were tempered partly because of the …

Bandwidth at Casper College 2011 -2107

My Battles with the Bandwidth Beast

In 2017 we talk about campus bandwidth needs using terms such as IoT (internet of Things)  and BYOD.  When we began our efforts to expand campus bandwidth those terms weren’t widely used. Since that time Casper College has spent approximately $1.7 million on overall network upgrades the past 5 years). …

Are you Ready for the Zettabyte?

NOTE:  I have really enjoyed discussing techy stuff with our new Casper College librarian Brad Matthies since he arrived at Casper College and asked him to add his 2 cents to this blog post.   He contributed some really great stuff related to the Digital Dark Age section of this …